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Seven Questions for Stewart Cohen

Seven Questions for Stewart Cohen

Posted by broncolor on Jan 18th 2022

  • 1. Tell us about yourself.

  • I am Canadian born living in Dallas, Texas

  • 2. How did you discover your love for photography?

    My Dad was an amateur photographer but that wasn’t the inspiration. I am not sure, I picked up a camera in high school and it opened doors in my mind that I wanted to explore. When I got to college, I got a job doing party pics at Frat parties which helped pay my way through school. Then I was enlightened by a seminar that a professor put on that featured four successful photographers. I was intrigued that you could see the world and different cultures and that set me down the path of a life I hoped would be full of adventure and discovery and that proved to be true. 

  • 3. What inspires you and your work?

    I am inspired by people and positivity. I enjoy exploring and meeting people and making them look great.

  • 4. Why did you choose broncolor?

    I initially chose Broncolor for its fast recycle time.

  • 5. What is your favorite broncolor tool?

    Ah, there are a few. I love the giant Para, I love the fresnel head, there is some head we have that I will need to find the name of for you as well. It is always fun to play with non-traditional accessories.

  • 6. How would you describe your “lighting style”?

    My lighting style evolves a lot, I like to experiment and I am a student of great lighting in movies. I really try to light a scene in a way that helps create a feeling or tells a story.

  • 7. Where can people find more of your work?

  • One can find more of my work on my website, I license my work via

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