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7 Questions for Demetrius Neal

7 Questions for Demetrius Neal

Jul 20th 2023

  1. Tell us about yourself

    My name is Demetrius Neal. I am a commercial product photographer based out of Saint Louis, MO. I love long walks on the beach... joking! I do love the beach, and I also love surfing. Music nerd, if you say. I love the arts, rather its photography or paintings, or drawings. I am a straightforward man, and my favorite color is black. I let my shoes do all the expression for me. I like to call myself a true "Sneaker Head." Shoes and the design of shoes are life to me. I have two beautiful daughters, and I hope to pave a path for them to see that all things are possible through faith and God! 

  2. How did you discover your love for photography?

    To be honest with everyone, photography just fell into my lap. I give all the credit to God and persistence for how this happened. I was out with a very close friend, Erica, and she recently bought a new Olympus camera. At this time, I had no interest in photography at all. Erica's phone rang, and she needed to take a call, so she handed me her camera, and the rest is history. The story is way more profound, but it will take thirty minutes to explain everything.

  3. What inspires you and your work?

    What inspired me? That's a great question. Honestly, the arts have always been a staple in my family. Two of my uncles are musicians; my dad is an architect, and my other uncle is a director for ESPN. So I was always inspired by them and seeing them live their dreams. I love creating! I love thinking of ideas and innovative and unique ways to execute them to the highest level. Seeing my close family members live out their dreams and work hard to achieve them inspired me. I am honored even to have the opportunity to be a part of this great community of creators. I am also super grateful for being a part of this broncolor experience! 

  4. Why did you choose broncolor?

    broncolor has always been a consistent system for me and my team. With shooting product photography, you must have a reliable system with constant color temperature when it's time to shoot. broncolor has always been a leader in the technology of its light systems. The ability to control my lights from my iPad from anywhere on set is crucial to eliminate any accidents around the product set or the product. The durability of the lighting systems is a plus as well. Overall, broncolor has been my got-to- light system for any project. No project is too big for broncolor. 

  5. What is your favorite broncolor tool?

    My favorite broncolor tool is the Siros 800 S Wifi/RFS 2.1. I love the design of this light. I love that I can get the same power from this light using a broncolor pack without the cords and wire around the set. The technology in the 800 Siros allows me to control this light without having to walk around the scene or move the pack around to access the controls to change the power of the light. Therefore, making things on set a lot easier for me and my crew to be effective and efficient. 

  6. How would you describe your lighting style?

    My lighting style is unique and special to me. As a detail-oriented photographer, my most notable compliment is my work is "super clean"! My lighting is very gradient-based, with some key light. I love using bare bulb sometimes, but I also love using grids and diffusion paper to create those nice gradients across products. 

  7. Where can people find more of your work?

    If you want to see more of my work:
    IG: @deelneal
    Behance: Demetrius Neal
    LinkedIn: Demetrius Neal

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