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broncolor Silde-In Satos Battery 48V/90WH

SKU: B-36.180.00 | FREE U.S. shipping on all orders over $100!

  • With 92 Wh of energy, this quality battery is approved for air transport (see IATA regulations).
  • Number of flashes (at full power) per battery charge: Satos 1600: 240 Satos 3200: 120 Recharge Time from Empty: 60 Minutes
  • Sold Separately from Satos Pack
  • Satos 1600 (1-2 batteries Optional) Satos 3200 (1-4 batteries Optional)
  • AFTER RECEIPT, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU FULLY CHARGE THE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES IMMEDIATELY AND STORE THEM IN THIS WAY. They must be recharged after a maximum of 5 months. If the rechargeable batteries are not charged, they can fall into a deep discharge state and then usually cannot be recharged, i.e. they are defective and can no longer be repaired. In such cases, no guarantee or goodwill can be given.


The broncolor slide-in battery performs far better than a conventional energy storage unit. Its industrial design is robust and the technology used with high-current cells is extremely resistant to faults. Satos is continuously informed about the operating states, monitors them and displays them in the menu. LEDs on the battery itself indicate the current state of charge. Self-diagnosis in each battery, together with integrated deep discharge protection, ensures the longevity of the batteries. Since the power of a single battery is below the threshold of 100 Wh, Satos can also be transported by air freight without hesitation.


2.4lb / kg

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